Sunday, January 30, 2011

No two alike

I was able to finish five sock monkey hats for the Halos of Hope January challenge.  As noted in my previous post I like the crocheted version so much I created a knitted version (my first hat design).  The hat part is sooo easy, but those ears!  Not the ears themselves, those were easy enough.  It was attaching them.  I had the darnedest time keeping them straight when sewing them on. As much as I think the hat is adorable and I know some kids will love them (I'd so love to see a picture of a group of kids wearing them), I can't say I'm sorry to see the end of the challenge.  I'm looking forward to making some pretty hats for February.  Although there is this cute Dr. Seuss hat I might try, just can't help myself!

Monday, January 24, 2011

January #3 - Da Bears

I love watching football, especially at the end of the season. In Chicago, it is all about the Bears (except for those who love the Green Bay Packers). This past weekend there was such an incredible amount of hype generated for the big game that I just felt compelled to create a hat in honor of the home team. Since I didn't find any patterns, I decided to just knit what I knew. I used my favorite Comfort yarns casted on 90 stitches and then knit 4 rows of 2k2p ribbing. And I just started knitting, for about 5 inches adding the appropriate stripes and ended with a basic decrease pattern. Presto. A hat for any die-hard Bears fan. As for the game... it ended just as I predicted, with a Packers win. Perhaps I'll need to go find some green and gold yarn.

I used Berrocco Comfort in Chalk, Pumpkin, and Navy Blue. The hat is knit on a 16" size 8 circular needle and 1 set of size 8 dp. Stitches used are knit, purl, and K2tog. If I were to make this hat again, I think it would look better to have only one set of stripes, making the white/orange/white combo a bit thicker (the bonus here is not so many ends to weave in) I also think it would be better with a wider folded brim instead of the ribbed edge.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

January #1 & #2 - Sock Monkey Hat Challenge

For my January hats I decided to take up the challenge offered by Halos of Hope. Not that it took much convincing, new hat pattern, I'm in.  And just how is this hat?  Of course I forgot to move up in hook size so my hat came out way too small (it fits Fuzzy Bear), but I'll remedy that when I make a second one.  

I liked the hat so much I wanted everyone to be able to participate in this challenge.  But not everyone crochets, so I thought a knitted version would be could to have posted.  Well, there are a few knitted styles, but none that match the crocheted version.  So...I decided, what could be so hard about this, I'll just whip one up.  Yes, I know.  Not that easy.  Well, the hat was, the ears took several different tries before I got them the way I liked them.  It is my first attempt at writing a pattern, so if there are errors, or if you can not understand any of the directions, please let me know.

For both hats I used a partial skeins of Berroco Comfort Hummus, Wild Cherry, and Chalk. The crochet pattern is available for free from Red Heart. The knitted version is available as a PDF on my pattern page. 

Hat #1: The hat is crocheted with a G hook.  Stitches used are chain, hdc, hdc increase, sc and sl st.  I added a single row of sc to the edge of the hat for a more finished edge.  Ear placement was determined by simply folding the hat in half and then sewing the ears on at each fold.

Hat #2:  The hat is knit on a 16" size 8 circular needle and 1 set of size 8 dpn. The outside ears are knit on a set of 6 dpn using a double strand of yarn. Stitches used are knit, purl, p2tog, and K2tog.  The placement of the ears are probably the hardest part of the finishing.