Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 2012 #3 - Sweet Pea

The pattern is actually written as a baby hat, but I went up in needle size from the recommended size 6 in order to make a slightly larger hat. I wanted a simple child's hat but with a touch of fun and I think bobbles are just the thing. Although I like making hats with bobbles, I just don't like making bobbles, but I like the look so I put up with slowness of the bobble.  For whatever reason I can never remember how to make a bobble and need to look up the directions every time.  (and every bobble looks unique, why?)  I also changed the top of the hat from a leaf looking thing (which is probably supposed to be the lettuce part) to a simple knot for two reasons. First I was using a partial skein and didn't think I'd have enough yarn, and secondly I didn't think the leaf look would be appropriate for an older child.

The pattern is Peas & Lettuce Hat. I used Berroco Comfort in Seedling on a size 7 16" circular needle and a set of 7 dpns. Stitches used are knit, purl, k2tog, and a bobble stitch. To change the top I opted to continued the decrease sequence to include a round of k2tog in order to end with 9 stitches. I then knit in the round for 5” bound off and then created the knot on the top of the hat.

Friday, April 6, 2012

April 2012 #2 - Zephyrus

A self-designed hat, if you want to call it actually designed. As I previously mentioned I was at Montoya Fiber Studio for a Halos of Hope event which is when I picked up this yarn. It's a ribbon like cotton blend that I just loved the coloring.

I c/o 72 stitches, but while knitting the ball of yarn was disappearing faster than I liked and I was afraid I'd run out before finishing. So, I short changed the hat by only knitting for 5" before beginning my decreases. (Simple decreases of K10, k2tog. No knit rounds in between, decreasing each round with one less stitch knit between k2togs.) As it turned out, I had plenty of yarn left. Rather than tink back to before the decreases, I decided instead to pick-up stitches on the brim and single crochet around, using a size 7 hook. I was able to get an additional three rounds added to the length, which not only added a bit of design, it solved my problem of having the hat a bit on the skimpy side.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 2012 #1 - Seeing Double

(you'll notice slight differences if you look closely) 
This is not a joke, it is not two pictures of the same hat. Honest. Although they do look very much alike, and I didn't even try to make that happen. I simply finished the first hat, started the second and didn't even think about how the stripe pattern would work out. Actually if I had tried to make them similar I'd probably have failed miserably. LOL.
Yesterday I was invited to ride along with Halos of Hope founder, Pam Haschke, to Montoya Fiber Studio.  Montoya was hosting a kick-off event to highlight the Soothe for Spring Campaign and offered a free pattern with each yarn purchase. The shop will also donate 10% of the yarn proceeds back to Halos of Hope. Not only was this a fun way to spend my afternoon, but it was a great way to highlight the need for warm weather caps.

The pattern is Scallop Edged Cap. I used Universal Yarn's Cotton Supreme Batik in Blueberry Jam on a size 8 16" circular needle and a set of 8 dpns. Stitches used are knit, purl, k2tog, ssk, yarn over. You would have thought the mere mention of yarn overs would have me turning this pattern away (because we know how well I've done with them in the past), but this pattern was actually very easy to follow with the added bonus of only three rows containing the dreaded yarn overs. The skein is generous enough in length that I was able to knit both caps and have a nice bit of leftover.

March 2012 #4 - Carousel Ruffles

Imagine that, four hats in March. I finished this up yesterday, but it was already dark so I wasn't able to take a picture until this morning. The hat was supposed to have a flower holding up the front of the brim, but I decided I like the floppier look better. Not that it looks good on me, I think I'll never be able to make a hat that would actually look good on me.

The pattern is written for a hat to fit a 2/3 yr. old, notes from the designer to make an adult version can be found in the comments section of her blog post. You'll notice I obtained an adult version although I followed the pattern as written, I just changed from the suggested G hook to a J hook.

The pattern is available by Laughing Purple Goldfield Designs. I used I Love This Cotton in Carousel Ombre (hence the name) and Cotton Ease in Terracotta with a size J hook. Stitches used are chain, single crochet, double crochet and slip stitch. The pattern mentions a slip stitch at the end of round one with no direction of how to move to round 2. I choose to ch2 count the chains as the first dc of the round. I did this for each round thereafter.