Friday, April 6, 2012

April 2012 #2 - Zephyrus

A self-designed hat, if you want to call it actually designed. As I previously mentioned I was at Montoya Fiber Studio for a Halos of Hope event which is when I picked up this yarn. It's a ribbon like cotton blend that I just loved the coloring.

I c/o 72 stitches, but while knitting the ball of yarn was disappearing faster than I liked and I was afraid I'd run out before finishing. So, I short changed the hat by only knitting for 5" before beginning my decreases. (Simple decreases of K10, k2tog. No knit rounds in between, decreasing each round with one less stitch knit between k2togs.) As it turned out, I had plenty of yarn left. Rather than tink back to before the decreases, I decided instead to pick-up stitches on the brim and single crochet around, using a size 7 hook. I was able to get an additional three rounds added to the length, which not only added a bit of design, it solved my problem of having the hat a bit on the skimpy side.


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