Friday, July 6, 2012

An Little Anniversary Poll - with Giveaway

July 5th was the 2nd anniversary of my blog.  I'm two days late celebrating, but I was busy making a hat, honest.  I'll actually be posting about it later (it's a very crazy purple ruffled one).  Anyway, back to the celebration at hand.  Being the librarian I am, I was curious about the statistics involved, both hat and blog.

Blog stuff first.  Since I don't pay for a premium service my statistic availability does not allow me to narrow the numbers as closely as I'd like. However, I do know that since starting my blog I've had exactly 5,500 pageviews.  Which if you figure in averages, that would be 2,750 per year.  Not bad.  March 2012 had the greatest single month  of pageviews with 669, most likely due to the Merlot hat on February 29th.  Merlot alone received 286 pageviews.  The pattern page has received 405 pageviews, so hopefully people are finding that a useful resource.  Bored yet?  I would be, because lets face it, who would find these numbers interesting, other than me?

Would hat statistics be more fun to read about?  Well, 46 (20 adult, 26 children) of the hats I made in the past year were donated to Halos of Hope.  Here comes the hard part, choosing which is the best.  I went back through all my past posts, expecting to select the top five or so to post for this poll.  With each month I kept telling myself, "Oh, I like this one." or "I like that one, because..." So I had to revisit the list several times until I cut it down to ten.  Now since this is an opinion poll, there is no real hat winner.  I'm just curious, and it's hot outside so I felt we needed a little cool distraction inside.  You are actually welcome to vote for any hat I've made since July 2012.

Here's how the giveaway will work.  Add a comment with your email or Ravelry ID (so I can contact you if you win) and the name of the hat you like best.  That's it.  Pretty darn simple.  I'll select a random winner on July 17th.

July 2011 #1 - My Danish Hat
July 2011 #2 - Sassy Summer Hat
August 2011 #3 - Roseberry
October 2011 #1 - Chunky Pink Cables
November 2011 #1 - Softly Swedish
December 2011 #1 - Candy Cane
January 2012 #1 - Frosty
January 2012 #3 - Flurry
February 2012 #1 - Wild Raspberry Cables
April 2012 #3 - Sweet Pea
June 2012 #3 - Carmel Bucket

OK, so I lied, it turns out that there are eleven hats.  Now don't feel you have to limit yourself to these eleven.  Feel free to choose from any I've made if there is one in particular that you've liked that I haven't chosen.  My reasons for selecting each of these has varied either because of the cuteness factor, because it was incredibly soft, or because I just liked they way it came together.  Oh, by the way, would you like to know what I'm giving away?  The lucky person drawn from all entries will receive a Halos of Hope project bag, skein of Berroco Comfort yarn, and a few other yarn related goodies (there must be some surprises).


  1. First in and I'd like to think that guarantees I win, but I know better, and can only hope. You make such great hats all the time, so choosing one is difficult. Perhaps it's because it's summer and it's so hot (107 today)but I like "Sassy Summer Hat" the best. It's so crisp and cheery looking.

    Zowmom on Ravelry

  2. Congratulations, Pat, on your blog and your wonderful hats! What a thrill to have knitted such beauties for charity. You are so good. My favorite is your #3 Sweet Pea...I just love that green and those bobbles! Nicky momoffour

  3. Congratulations on all those hats! I think my favorite is the Wild Raspberry Cables hat.

  4. Have to vote for SBA! #3 Roseberry.. Thanks for doing this!


  5. Congratulations on your blogiversary! I love the wild raspberry cables hat. Ber (bee30)

  6. cavallo.christina@yahoo.comJuly 6, 2012 at 2:13 PM

    My favorite hat is chunky pink cable.

  7. Congrats Pat! I love all your hats, but I can not decide between Roseberry and the Summer Sassy Hat as my favorite. I guess it is a tie. :0)

    Heather (heatherg7 on rav)

  8. Sassy Summer Hat. It reminds me of the Fedoras that are so popular this year.

  9. It's a tie for me between Sassy Summer Hat (which seems to be a favorite) and Carmel Bucket. :) You've got some wonderful hats there and so generous to knit all these hats! :)


    (and thank you for hosting the giveaway!!)

  10. Given the heat wave that most of us are experiencing I have to go with Sassy Summer hat. If you were asking this question in January I would most likely say Frosty.


  11. Love 'em all! Roseberry and Wild Raspberry are my favorites, if I'm forced to pick....