About the author

I tried knitting when I was in my twenties and just couldn’t get the hang of it. My stitches were so tight that it was difficult to work the needles and the pieces were very uneven. It appears age has relaxed my hands and needles and I enjoy the stress relief that working with yarn brings. 
I am basically a self-taught knitter (and even more so crocheter), starting with scarfs and patterned dish clothes.  I've made a few sweaters, a small purse, and some hats. Lots of hats.
Then a local yarn shop opened and and I met many knitting friends including Pam, a cancer survivor who founded an amazing charity, Halos of Hope.   She inspired me to knit hats which in turn led me to challenge myself to do more, which led me to think I could make at least two per month.  I had just watched Julie & Julia and I thought "why not blog about it, perhaps others will join me" Crazy?  But hey, together we can knit more, share our stories, and touch more lives.

I can be contacted via email or by leaving a comment here or on my Facebook page.