About the author

I am basically a self-taught knitter and an occasional crocheter.  I've made a few children's sweaters, small toys, mittens and socks, and some hats. Lots and lots of hats. I didn't start knitting until my late 40s. I had tried when I was younger, but was very unsuccessful.
Many years ago, a yarn shop opened and I met many knitting friends including Pam, a cancer survivor who founded an amazing charity, Halos of Hope.   She inspired me to knit hats which in turn led me to challenge myself to do more, which led me to think I could make at least two per month.  I had just watched Julie & Julia and I thought "why not blog about it." Crazy, yes, since I'm not very consistent with my postings.  But what they heck, I do try.

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updated 28 Dec 2017