Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 2014 #1 - Autumn Meadow

Are you wondering what happened to September? One word. School. Or actually work, which happens to be at a school. I was totally crazy busy, working too many long days and then was much too tired to pick up my yarn after I finished all my evening chores. I did manage a lovely weekend knitting retreat with some wonderful Ravelry friends early in the month. I had such fun meeting these women in person, sitting, relaxing, talking, and just knitting. Think of how many hats I could crank out if I could do that every weekend.

This hat was super easy. The pattern, Bubble Wrap Cap, is available as a free. I used Simpliworsted in Golden Meadow on a size 7 16" circular needle and a set of 7 dpns. Stitches used are knit, purl, and k2tog. I'm not thrilled with the way the crown looks since it appears off in some way. But when I put it on the head form it looks fine, so I’ll get over it. I’m not sure if I made a mistake during the decreases or if there is an error in the pattern. Overall I like the hat and since it looks fine being worn, I'm not going to take the hat apart to find out what the problem is.

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