Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 2014 #1 - Toasted Fluff

After several months and many attempts at wording, I've finally published the pattern I designed back in June. Not being a designer by trade I struggle with many aspects of creating patterns and I have great respect for those designers that are creative on a daily basis. This year I have also struggled with being able to physically knit and then when able, finding the time due to work commitments. Which both contributed to the tardiness of getting this pattern to print. My personal goal of supporting Halos of Hope with two hats a month are falling woefully behind. To help bridge the gap I'll be adding to my yearly cash donation this year.

From now until the end of November, I'm giving thanks for Halos of Hope, I'm offering $1.00 off the purchase price of Fluff (coupon code "fluff") and encouraging you to donate your hat to your favorite cancer charity. In addition, for every coupon code used I will donate $1.00 to Halos of Hope. That $1.00 helps Halos of Hope send 3 hats. Add up a few purchases, a few coupon codes redeemed and we'll all help send more hats.

Fluff is available for purchase on my Ravelry site. I used Simpliworsted in Golden Meadow on a size 7 16" circular needle and a set of 7 dpns. Stitches used are knit, purl, and k2tog. The bobbles are not really bobbles, but are really a faux bobble created by picking up a stitch and purling it.

I have a lot to be thankful for; by ability to still knit (which after two hand surgeries is no longer taken for granted), my ability to afford purchasing yarn, and my ability to give back to my favorite charities. I hope you like the pattern and consider it worthy of purchase. Remember, we can do more together.

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