Sunday, September 12, 2010

September hat #1 - Fuzzy Pink Twins

I can't believe it is already the 12th of September, and with this late date I've become "one of those kind of bloggers". When I started this project blog I told myself, that timely blogging was essential. So then what happens as soon as school starts and I got busy? I didn't take the time to write a blog post for a hat I finished on the 6th! Although I can not promise to be a better blogger I will try. Now to remedy my tardiness.

I wanted to whip up a quick, yet "fun" hat and thought I'd use some of the bargain yarn I purchased at Stitches Midwest. Personally, I really don't like this type of yarn (which I thought was a fun fur but have since been told it is a boa), but I can almost guarantee that some young girl will like not only the pink color, but the fuzzy aspect of it as well.

The pattern is available for free at Although this is an adult pattern I wanted to make my hat for a young girl. The pattern calls for a size 9 needle, I used a size 8. I used the stitch directions for the small hat size although I only knit 4 inches before starting the decrease. Stitches used are knit and K2tog. The hat could not be easier (which is why I made two). The challenge for me was working with this silly yarn. I was sooo close to finishing and dropped a stitch. Which of course I couldn't see so I ended up unstitching all the way to a three inch piece before I had all the stitches accounted for again. But, I figured it was actually quicker than frogging the whole thing and starting over from scratch.

Lesson learned...don't let the dog jump on your lap when working with fuzzy yarn.

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