Saturday, October 2, 2010

My first, almost, personal delivery

At a recent school event I noticed one of my student's mom wearing a cotton turban. After a few inquiries I learned she has indeed been touched by cancer. Nothing against cotton turbans, but they are not very fashionable, and since hats are my "thing" I thought I should provide her with a few. So I spent the next week making up some of my favorites: the Shells & Trellis, the Button-Tab Knit Hat, and the Cotton Sun Hat. Adding to that Pam, Halos of Hope, still had the Foaming Waves and Eyelet hats I had donated. She kindly returned them so that I may include them in the gift bag I put together. You'll notice the Halos of Hope tag in the picture. (Each hat that Halos sends out is tagged to offer a bit of encouragement, let the recipient know the hat is hand-made by a volunteer, and provide contact information.)

I say that this was an 'almost' personal delivery as I am left the gift bag with someone else to delivery. I know the women receiving the hats is very private and I wanted to allow her the opportunity to maintain that. My joy comes each time I make a hat, with every stitch I make and each donation I make.


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