Monday, October 11, 2010

October hat #1 - Houndstooth Cap

My first men's cap. I would imagine most people making chemo hats and caps typically make them for women. Thinking of soft or vibrant colors, pretty ribbon trims, and fun embellishments or fancy stitches. Most of us are probably women and we tend to make what we ourselves would want to wear. I always tell myself when I make a cap that comes out a bit too small, that there is a young person going through treatment that will be happy to have it. But again, all of the young people I've imagined are girls. What about the boys? Although I know many men who shave their heads (either because they like the look or to finish what age has started), would young boys be so comfortable without hair? I have to say, I never really gave it much thought before I started this project. And I've certainly thought more about this question during the past week. Maybe men's caps will be next year's challenge.

The pattern is available in the Chemo Caps & Wraps book by Annie's Attic. I used my favorite yarn, Berrocco Comfort in Chalk, Liquorice, and Dusk. (fancy names for white, black and gray) The hat is crocheted on a I hook. Stitches used are chain, sc and sl st. As a novice crocheter, the pattern didn't make sense to me, so after row 85 I whipstitched the cap together and then worked the brim in the round.

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