Monday, November 1, 2010

Needle friendships

It has now been four months since I began my little challenge, two hats a month for a whole year. So far - better than good. Each month I've completed a bit more than two (July=3, August=5, September=6, October=5) and have finished 19 hats in all during the first four months. Not too bad. Although I've done well in my challenge, I find the best part is not so much the hat count, but the wonderful "needle friendships" I'm developing on Ravelry.

There are many women who have also taken up the challenge to create hats/caps for either Halos of Hope or their local charity. Together we: share patterns; Oohh and aahh over each other's finished projects; help a college student earn a scholarship; and offer suggestions and advice. We also find ourselves emotionally moved by the personal stories of how cancer has touched their lives.

These are threads that bind women with needles together in friendship.

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