Saturday, June 2, 2012

May 2012 #2 - Cupcake

Boy did I go out on a limb coming up with this name or what? This hat marks the first for this year's Halos of Hope's Camp Happy Time Campaign. Details of the campaign are available in their Special Edition Newsletter, but basically they're looking for birthday themed hats for kids from 5-21 by July 15th. And who doesn't like a reason to party? Although I didn't have great fun making the 44 never ending bobbles, I do love the outcome.

I made up the pattern as I went along and plan on tweeking it for the next hat. I c/o 88. The ribbing is a simple k2p2 for three inches. I'm happy with that, so that can stay. I then switched colors and knit a row. The bobbles need be cut back a bit, 44 was just a bit much. I think I'll try bobble, knit 3 (this would cut the bubbles by half). I then knit for 2.5 inches. This needs to be increased by probably an inch. I'm happy with the decreases rows. K6, k2tog, knit one row, then k5, k2tog, continue with decrease rows (no knit rows between). When I had 11 stitches left I switched colors again and made the cherry by knitting in the round until I thought it looked cherry like then decreased to three stitches and stitched an i-cord for about three inches before tying it into a knot.

I used Berroco Comfort in Hummus, Pearl, and Pimpernel on a size 8 16" circular needle and a set of 8 dpns. Stitches used are knit, k2tog, and the bobble as described in Knitspeak by Andrea Berman Price.

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