Sunday, December 7, 2014

December #1 2014 - Green Drizzle

This was probably the longest I have ever taken to finish a hat. Not because the hat itself was difficult, it was actually not bad (even if it was in a DK weight yarn), but because the process was interrupted by my second hand surgery back in June. Yes, June. Which of course meant no knitting again for several months. By the time I was able to hold my needles again, I was getting ready to head back to school and all the craziness that that brings with it. I simply did not spend the usual amount of time knitting.

Unfortunately when I put the hat down I also did not make any notes as to where I left off. I'm certain I thought I'd remember (what the heck was I thinking?). Therefore, I was confused and honestly I didn't want to take the time to figure it out, I just wanted to finish (and could you blame me?). So, instead I opted to modify the pattern, omit the lace work at the crown, do one even decrease round so that I could start my  basic decrease pattern at 88 stitches. Simply and effective. If you didn't know the pattern you wouldn't realize anything was missing.

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