Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - Year in Review

For the first time since taking on this project I failed to make my goal of 24 hats. Although I do feel that I have a good reason given that I started the new year out wearing a cast on my left hand. The reconstructive surgery of my left thumb that I had in November of 2013 kept me in physical therapy for five months before requiring an additional surgery in late June. Thankfully I didn't require another cast, but did have a metal pin holding my thumb in a stationary position, and of course, more weeks after of physical therapy. This unfortunately left me with little mobility to work with my yarn. I have found that knitting gauge has changed and I am unable to hold dpns or cable needles in my left hand like I once did. I've made accommodations to my knitting habits, but it certainly slows down my speed.

All this aside, I did manage to create several hats I was happy with and would like to showcase once more in my year-in-review.

The #5 favorite hat: Green Drizzle
My most recently finished hat I like the way the darker band contrasts with the brightness of the overall green. The added lacework gives the hat a touch of pretty.

The #4 favorite hat: Autumn Meadow
A new colorway of Simpliworsted yarn that made this super easy pattern look really good. This hat only took one skein of this nice soft comfy yarn.

The #3 favorite hat: Bluebell
Super silky yarn made into a crocheted hat designed by my friend Laura Krzak. I'm not the best at crochet, but I enjoyed making this pattern and I liked the results.

The #2 favorite hat: French Country Aqua
Another crocheted pattern with a fun embellished silk flower. It looks very dressed up. I think its the flower.

And my #1 favorite hat for 2014: Fluff - 
both Marshmallow and Toasted (I couldn't decide)
Another original design that I'm quite happy with now that I have the directions written in such a way that the bobble section makes sense to others. (I'm still figuring out how to communicate with others, LOL) The two versions look very different, but I like them both equally.

So that's my selections for this year. I'm a couple of hats short of my goal of two hats per month but I did still manage to give away some hats, so I should be happy. I think of all the hats still needed every time I go with my dad to his oncology appointments, so I know I'll keep making hats, but I also know I need to take a bit of time and actually knit for myself. I never have. Not once. So I'll be changing things a bit for 2015. Although I'll still be looking for new patterns to share, 2015 will be all about using my stash yarn and if the pattern is new and different. Perhaps in doing so I'll have a few minutes to spare for personal knitting. 
I hope your New Year is healthy and happy. Thanks for stopping by.

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