Monday, July 5, 2010

The heck with January

So I've been thinking...I've already decided to start this project, why wait for January? Do I really need six more months to collect patterns and yarn? It's not like I'm going to stop knitting hats/caps in the meantime, so why not just get on with it? So...I begin.

I'm currently working on the cap from hell. For what ever reason this seemingly basic yarn over pattern is proving to be more challenge than it should be. The pattern is actually so simple I'm feeling a bit embarrassed that it is taking me so long and causing me such problems. I've knitting, tinked, re-knitted, frogged, re-knitted, tinked, etc. so many times it's laughable. However, I'm determined to finish. Unfortunately, I spent two days cleaning and moving my daughter so now my hands and fingers are swollen and I can't hold my needles. I will however, finish this hat/cap by Wednesday. That is my goal.


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