Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yarn overs done over and over again

What is it about a lace pattern with yarn overs and slipped stitches? Is it that they require concentration, precision counting, what? I really want to know since I started my second July hat, a Lace-Edged Women's Hat. This is a free Ravelry pattern but I've linked it on my Pattern Page if you are not a Ravelry member. The pattern was suggested to me by Pam, the founder of Halos of Hope, as a quick and easy hat.

I'm using a wine colored bamboo silk that knits up well, is comfy soft, and a pretty color. Pam started a hat at about the same time, she's almost finished. I haven't made it past the first 12 rows yet. I've knitted about 50 rows, but you can't count them since I was technically re-knitting the first ten over and over again.

I think I have however finally figured out why I start with 90 stitches and grow as I go. I'm not completing the sk2p stitch by passing the slipped stitch over. Simple mistake? Yes, but do I have to keep making it. Can I not just learn and get on with it all ready?

Once I make it past the lace-edged the hat is all straight knitting until the decreases so I just need to pay attention. My goal - to finish this hat by Wednesday. I better use my stitch markers!


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