Sunday, December 12, 2010

Comfort and Joy

First published in 1827 the Christmas Carol "God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen" includes the words from my post's title in the chorus. Now that you've sung a few bars I'll tell you that my comfort and joy rests not in song, but in yarn. Berroco Comfort has become one of my favorite yarns (as you can tell by the wide range of colors I've collected). It is soft and easy to work with and is a nice worsted weight that is perfect for many of the hats and caps that I make.

Recently a newer member of the 12 months = 24 hats Ravelry group shared a story about a VIP in her life that was just beginning her chemotherapy treatment and her VIP's reaction to receiving a cap. This made me thing about previous stories I've heard and the mixed feelings I have each time I hear one. On one hand, my heart goes out to the individuals touched by cancer. I've even cried a time or two (which is always difficult to explain to my husband as to why I'm crying about someone I've never met). Yet on the other hand, I receive such energy from the stories I hear. It reminds me of my purpose and it re-motivates me to continue making hats and caps.

Which brings me back to the topic of Comfort and Joy. My mom recently told me that I was spending too much money on the yarn for all these hats. Maybe I am. However, when I think of what I'm doing with the yarn I don't want to use something cheap and ugly. I want to use yarn that will create a hat that I would want to wear. So pardon me while I steal some words from American Express.

Yarn bought, $6.25....Time spent, several hours...The joy brought to the hat's recipient - priceless!


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