Monday, December 27, 2010

December hat #2 - Rudolph Hat

Keeping with the seasonal theme knitting I thought Santa would need Rudolph if the presents would make it to their destinations. The original pattern calls for the hat to be dark brown with tan antlers, but I choose to switch the two around for a lighter look. I really wanted to use googly eyes, but I couldn't get them to stick. The button combo works, but just isn't as fun. Although now that I see the hat worn by Ms. White (my styrofoam head) I think the eyes should have been a bit closer. The other issue is that since it is being modeled I'm afraid it will be too big for most of the children who would be interested in wearing it, even if it is a bit stretched on the form.

The pattern is available for free from Carissa Knits. I used a partial skein of Berroco Comfort Hummus for the main hat with Bittersweet (dark brown) antlers and a Pimpernel (red) nose. The hat is knit on a 16" size 8 circular needle and 1 set of size 8 dpn. The antlers, ears and nose are knit on a set of 6 dpn. Stitches used are knit, purl, kfb, ssk, slip stitch, and K2tog. The antlers and nose were stuffed with polyfil and I used 25mm white buttons w/smaller black buttons from my button box. The placement of the antler, ears, nose, and eyes are probably the most important part of the finishing in order to give the hat its child friendly appeal.


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