Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 2012 hat #2 - Flakey

The second snowman in my January series. Not the one I had planned, but then my knitting does not always go as planned. So I opted to take a crocheted hat I had actually finished in December, that was supposed to have other embellishments on it (but they were not working out so I quit the project all together), and added the elements that a snowman would need. The first version looked a bit off in some way. I wasn't sure if it was the nose (too long perhaps), or the spacing of the eyes (too wide), or the mouth (not enough coal). But whatever the reason, I wasn't thrilled, and that is saying a lot, because I've never posted a hat I haven't liked. I had decided to just go ahead and post it as is, but I just couldn't.  My husband and I decided it was the nose that made the hat look almost creepy, so I took it off and played around with the yarn some more and came up with a flat version I like so much better.

I used Berroco Comfort in Pearl, Licquorice, Pumpkin and Primary Blue. The hat is crocheted with a size H hook, the face elements a G hook, and the scarf a F hook. Stitches used are chain, single crochet and half double crochet. There is no pattern to post since I've simply improvised what is already available, using a basic hat pattern.  For the nose I just fiddled around until I got something I liked.  Since I'm not really a crocheter, it might be hard for me to describe what I did. The scarf is five half double crochets for 25 inches and then whipstitched across the bottom on the hat. If you crochet, you can make this (and I'm sure do a much better job of it than I did).

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