Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 2014 #1 - Green Bucket

Does this hat look familiar to you? Well it should. Apparently I have a thing for posting about this particular hat in June. It first appeared in 2012 as the Carmel Bucket and then again with an added felt embellishment as the Flower Bucket in 2013. So why am I posting about it again when I have nothing new to add? Well, I had originally intended to add a felt sunflower pin (and I probably will still make one), but this post is more about the hat's journey than the hat itself.

The hat was made a bit too large. I followed the pattern and knit in the round until the hat measured 6.5 inches from brim's edge before starting the decrease rounds. However, that just makes the hat just a bit too big (for both me and the intended recipient). So I was going to add the pin, pop this one into the bag to donate, and start another. Unfortunately, the young lady receiving the hat started her chemo last week and began loosing her hair this morning. It was a rough day and she needed a quick pick-me-up. She loved the hat. Big as it is. She'll wear it on the hammock to keep the sun off her eyes. I then had her choose from any of the other hats awaiting donation. She was excited. Running to the mirror to see what she looked like. And she looks so cute in hats! She choose Spring Stripes, Robin's Egg, and Blue Honey.

I've been donating hats for over four years now and this is the first time I have personally seen the joy that they can bring to someone. Its a wonderful and blessed feeling. I need to knit faster.

Please forgive the bad photograph, I quickly took it before I delivered it. Indoors, bad light. Sorry.

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